WR Valve


Solids tech manufactures broad range of rotary valves that are extensively used in the industrial solid discharge procedure for chemical products, plastics, minerals, foods, etc.

The fundamental usage of rotary airlock valve is as airlock transition point, closing the pressurized systems opposed to loss of gas or air while maintaining the material flow between the components with diverse pressure as well as suitable for the airlock applications including gravity discharge for filters, dust collectors, cyclone, and the storage devices for precision feeders to dilute phase as well as constant dense phase pneumatic convey systems.

Solids tech provides superior quality rotary valve that are efficient, reliable, and have longer service life. A very important means to the rotary valve durability and performance is finest selection of the airlock, relying on the procedure requirements. Our vast experience in the designing, selection, and manufacturing of the rotary valves allows us to provide unmatched customized designs in industry. If your requirements are drop-through, heavy duty, metering, pneumatic, or merely emptying the dust collector, we will always offer you great valve for it.

Rotary valves are accessible with the round inlet as well as outlet flanges. The housings are a cast material. General materials include cast carbon steel, cast iron, and SS 304 $ SS 316. Wear protections are accessible with specifically hardened adjustable knives given on the rotor vanes.

The air purge fittings are given to avoid contaminants from going into packing seals as well as bearings. Also accessible are easy clean, blow through, drop through, and CIP rotary airlock valve. With benefits of the industrial knowledge and experience of the solid technology, Solids tech is dedicated to offer world’s best services and products.

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