Spin Flesh Dryer

Techno Designs provides the most resourceful Continuous Drying Systems for cohesive as well as non-cohesive filter pressing cakes or filter nutche cakes in which solid content differs from 20 to 70 %. Being direct drying procedure, material is stem of hot dried air. The system provides the benefits of extremely low labor as well as handling costs.

Principle Of Spine Flash Drying :

The Spin Flash Drying is usually in line of the agitated fluidized bed system. Drying agitators work as the rotor for breaking lumps as well as hot air enters with reasonably higher velocities for giving dynamic actions to disintegrate and dry the product.

The fresh air is sucked via hot air generators that may be direct or indirect in nature. The entry for drying chambers is tangential for giving whirling the air suction across dryer. The hottest air generator may be Solid, Liquid, or Gaseous Fuel fired.

A feed screw drives material to drying chambers. A drying chamber is having the rotor driven from bottom. A rotor has specially designed scrapper blades as well as disintegrators for breaking lumpy mass to smaller fragments.

The lumps that are broken through the rotor begin drying as well as simultaneously disintegrating with stream of the hot air.

The particles of airborne fine powder get carried on top of drying chambers passes through classifier which classifies it to required size. The particles having larger diameter return to chamber, whereas fine travel with air for the final collection via repeal pulse bag filters, in which nearly 100% of the powder recovery is accomplished.

Capacity Available:

  • 50 kg/hr. to 1200 kg/hr. Water evaporation

Material of Construction:

  • CS, SS 304 and SS 316


  • Minerals, Dryer, Pigments & General Chemicals