Solid Material Handling Equipment

We at Techno Designs, offer sorts of solid material handling equipments like these

Rotary Valve

The purpose of rotary valve is to regulate the flow via one chamber to another that maintains good airlock conditions. One can avail the product in granule or dry powder form by using these valves. There are certain rotary type valves manufactured in the market

  • Ball valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Rotary feeder

The user can maintain these valve ranges by following simple guidelines provided by experts of Techno Designs. You can use thicker or thin oil for inside the tubing depending on the application. Lubricating the valves per month can keep your valves in good condition. Further, you should clean your rotary valves every 6 months.

Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve

Techno designs manufacture dual tunnel diverter valve range with expertise and great minds. These valves are used for diverting the products in dense or dilute phase transmitting the systems to many destinations.

WR Valve

Techno Designs experts manufacture and export a broad range of WR valve. These are immensely used in food, chemicals, plastic, and minerals type industries for commencing solid discharge procedure. You can get discounted products at Techno Designs that ensure high performance and great durability.

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