Sigma Mixer Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter India

Sigma mixers, also known as Kneaders, are heavy duty mixers manufactured and designed by our experienced engineering team (working in our unit based in India). These mixers are suitable for several applications which are used for kneading purposes. Techno Designs experts introduce the most robust, heavy duty sigma mixers for hassle-free operation experience.

Where These Mixers Can Be Used?

Applications that use different kinds of stiff pastes, dough, adhesive, PVC coatings, flush colours, soap, etc. make Sigma mixers an ideal and suitable choice. We manufacture sigma mixers that provide high performance and effective production. Our clients in India appreciate our cost effective designs of Sigma mixers. We are truly reliable manufacturers and exporters from India who deals in highly functional and assorted range of mixers and grinders for customers.

Construction And Design

Sigma Mixer consists of twin tub with side covers. The trough and side covers are jacketed for heating and cooling. These mixing blades are specially designed heavy duty type elements with duly machined shaft ends. The shaft ends are fixed with bearings on either side.These are manually operated discharge systems used by food and beverages industry, cosmetic industry, bakery, and other more businesses. To get your suitable designs from our expert engineers, contact Techno Designs today.

Salient Features Of Sigma Mixer

Due to the unique nature of every material, Techno Designs offers pilot trial that helps in understanding the drying behavior of Sigma mixer. It also helps in predicting data on power and heat input along with mixing characteristic of the material (that is used for kneading). Optional features like discharge screw at the bottom is used to discharge material, whereas, hydraulic cylinder is used for tilting and unloading the material.

The Sigma Mixer can also be provided for vacuum application. The top cover can also be opened and closed hydraulically.

Models Available

Gross capacity from 2 ltrs to 2500 ltrs

Material of Construction

C.S, SS 304, SS 316


Dyes and Pigments, Agrochemicals, Polymers, Metal Powders, Herbal Products, Food Products, Speciality Chemicals etc.