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Techno Designs experts have manufactured cost effective spin flash dryers suitable for various drying applications. In spin flash dryer, there is fitted mechanical agitator that helps to disperse wet cakes. The design is created to manage materials which can be suspended in air after exposure. With our expertise and great exposure in this sector, we are manufacturing affordable range of spin flash dryers in India.

Principle Of Spin Flash Drying

The Spin Flash drying is usually done in line of the agitated fluidized bed system. Drying agitators act like a rotor to break lumps and blow hot air with reasonable higher velocities that results in dynamic actions via which crumbled and dried product can be obtained.

Our product range is easy to install and perform faster than other brands. These spin flash dryers are energy-efficient option to spray drying. Using latest spin flash drying technology, our professionals are manufacturing easy to operate and functional spin flash dryers for high-viscosity materials, pastes, and cakes. With continuous performance and consuming less energy, our dryers provide higher output.

Hot air generators are able to suck the fresh air, which can be direct or indirect in nature. The entry for drying chambers differs to spin the air suction across dryer. The hottest air generator may be Solid, Liquid, or Gaseous Fuel fired.

A feed screw coerces the material to the drying chambers, which consist of a rotor driven from bottom. This rotor has specially designed scrapper blades and disintegrators, which are used in the spin flash dryer system to break down the lumpy mass into smaller fragments.

The broken lumps begin drying and disintegrating is done with the stream of hot air simultaneously.

The fine powder particles are then carried to the top of the drying chamber, later passed through classifier. With the help of the classifier, larger diameter particles send back to the chamber, while finest ones travel along the air. These particles are finally collected in repeal pulse bag filters that provide 100% powder recovery option.

We work, design, manufacture and supply custom spin flash dryer to meet requirements of our clients. Adhering to quality, we maintain all the standards and provide exclusive mixer and dryer ranges in India.

Contact Techno Designs experts for easy to install and user-friendly spin flash dryers, mixers, mills, and other equipments at reasonable value.

Capacity Available:

  • 50 kg/hr. to 1200 kg/hr. Water evaporation

Material of Construction:

  • CS, SS 304 and SS 316


  • Minerals, Dryer, Pigments & General Chemicals

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