Sand Mill

Techno Designs offers Horizontal as well as Vertical Sand Mills for wet grinding of various kinds of materials such as Pigments, Agrochemicals, Dyes, Paints, Minerals and various other type chemicals etc. This is primarily used for size reduction of the materials. This Bead Mills are used for continuous dispersion and fine wet grinding for high to low viscosity pumpable fluids.


The necessary energy for grinding is given by rotating the beads by means of discs fixed on the agitator. The grinding beads transfers the energy to the material and high shear and high peripheral velocities reduces the particle size of the material to be ground.


It consists of a Horizontal/Vertical Cylindrical jacketed shell with a central shaft on which number of discs is fixed. The shell is provided with cooling jacket. The shaft end is sealed by double mechanical seal. The feed pump and the electric panel is mounted on the main machine with all necessary required instrumentation and controls. The grinding beads are separated from the material by means of gap separator or by Wedge Screen.

Models Available:

Capacity from 3 ltrs to 125 ltrs

Material Construction:

C.S, SS 304, SS 316


Dyes and Pigments, Agrochemicals, Polymers, Paints, Pharma Products, Specialty Chemicals

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