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Introduction About Rotary Airlock Valve - India

Rotary airlock valves are used to regulate flow from one chamber to other and it also maintains airlock in optimum condition. Initially, the product is available in granular and powder form. With the help of dust filtration fields, quality rotary airlocks are essential parts for the cyclone and bag filter applications through which higher dust compilation efficiencies can be maintained.

These products are significantly used in pneumatic transmission industry. It is mixed into the assigning line that has high pressure to lower the leakage of air. Techno Designs professionals provide high performing rotary airlock valves to clients based in India.

You can avail quality assured rotary airlock valves from Techno Designs manufacturers. They are not just intending structure that can be used as quality samples for the clients, but they are offering them at flexible prices that can be customized as per the project requirement.

Basic specifications of a rotary airlock valve

  • Bearings
  • Bodies
  • Drive
  • Rotor
  • End covers
  • Shaft seal

You can also access them in direct gear mounted type options, that include air purge glands, body vents, flameproof motors, direct coupled drives, vent boxes, standard rotors, shear plate deflectors.

Currently, Techno Designs is manufacturing 3 types of rotors- Open fixed bladed rotor, open adjustable bladed rotor, and scalloped rotor.

Open Fixed Bladed Rotor

It is suitable for common range of products as well as particularly suitable for conveying the systems to force of 15 psi. Sealing is through packing gland kind with the standard packing being fluolion or equivalent.

Open Adjustable Bladed Rotor

It is suitable for most of the products and pressure discrepancies to 20 psi. The blades are reversible, adjustable, and replaceable and may be supplied with PVC rigid, mild steel, PTFE, stainless steel etc. according to the product suitability. It can be adapted for suiting highly abrasive material.

Scalloped Rotor

It is mainly suitable for the sticky or adhesive types of materials. The discharge may be further assisted by application of the PTFE coating, normally used in the food processes, where no products build-up may be tolerated. The pressures to the 15 psi are appropriate.

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