Reverse Pulse Bag Filter

Techno Designs provides Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filters to the separation of the fine powder and for the extraction of the dust as well as collection of dust prior to permitting the clean air to go in the atmosphere.

The biggest filter manufactured is competent of handling the 56,000 M3/hr. air with the dust loading of 10 TPH.

The filters are from either cartridge or hose filters. The filters may be manufactured for high temperature applications too.

Reverse pulse or jet dust collector helps in cleaning the filter and collecting the dust in the collector. Techno Designs professionals have used energy efficient fans which are mounted directly upon the shaft motor. Top mounting enables easy access for wiring and services and can be helpful at times of fire and prevent the system from getting ruined.

Our exclusive range of reverse pulse bag filters is fully automated and conjugated with self cleaners. The bag filter units consist of filter bags that can be replaced easily and require less maintenance. Our reverse pulse jet bag filter can perform continuously without any breakdown and this feature makes our products more in demand.

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