Process & Pigment Industries

Techno Designs provides these services related to Process & Pigment Industries

Plough Blender/Mixer/Reactor

Techno Designs provides Plough Shear Blender/Mixer/Dryer to have different drying and blending/mixing; for higher efficiency as well as reduced procedure time at the moderately lower power requirements.

Ball Mills- Continuous/Batch

Techno Designs provides Ball Mills in different styles like Continues, Jacketed, Batch, and Non-Jacketed for the powder grinding as well as wet grinding for different materials as diverse as Minerals for the Pigments.

Sigma Mixers

Techno Designs provides Sigma Mixers for kneading and mixing the applications. The Sigma Mixers is utilized for manufacturing Detergent Cakes, Pigments, Printing Inks, Pigment Emulsions, and different other products.

Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Techno Designs provides RVD for easy, clean, and effective way for drying off wet powders, wet cakes, and slurries somewhere either solvent is drying or recovered to be performed at moderately low temperature to heat sensitive materials.

Spin Flash Dryer

Techno Designs provides the most resourceful Continuous Drying Systems for cohesive as well as non-cohesive filter pressing cakes or filter nutche cakes in which solid content differs from 20 to 70 %.

Sand Mills-Horizontal/Vertical

Techno Designs provides uninterrupted sand mills for the liquid grinding for Emulsions, Pastes, and Paints of different solid content as well as viscosities.

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