High Speed Dissolver

High speed dissolvers were earlier known by the name of high speed disperser are used in several manufacturing industries like- chemicals, coatings, plastics, paints, inks, adhesives, and other composites. We offer sturdy and rugged constructed dissolver range.The blade offered is generally seen tooth cutting. The high-speed impeller mill consists of three components.

  • High-speed shaft
  • Serrated impeller
  • Mill container

Dispersion is effected by the attrition of Pigment agglomerates under the viscous forces induced in the paste by the high speed impeller. The machine can be lowered or lifted by Hydraulic or Pneumatic arrangements. The motors available are TEFC or Explosion proof. The speed variation can be mechanical or electronic inverters.

Featured of High Speed Disperser

  • Impeller tip speeds
  • Vessel centric device
  • Highly advanced technology
  • Higher rate of energy instructing dispersion via high shear impeller
  • Efficient drive train

These are safe and secure to use. The process of dispersion can be commenced only when the vessel is properly placed at the system. And it can be stopped when the dispersing head reached above the certain level. To install high speed dissolver with the help of professionals, you can count Techno designs experts and avail the best suitable design to fulfill your purposes.

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