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Every chemical process requires diverting process flow from one pipeline to another. Till now, engineers were acquiring this process by using multiple valves, but with latest diverter valves designs, the job of engineers has become relatively easier. The team of Techno Designs engineers has intended fine quality diverter valves for the industrial clients for their pneumatic systems.

Process pumps are specialized products that require high maintenance and are thus installed in parallel in order to get serviced or repaired when required. With the help of diverter valve, the task of changing from one pump to another becomes simpler as there is no need of shutting down the process flow.

Manufacturers prepare disc type and plunger type diverter valves as per the need of the clients. Disc type diverter valves are intended to divert one main flow into two distinct flows. These types of valves are crafted to minimize retention areas and are known as bi-directional valve products. They are often deployed in full vacuum applications in combination with high temperatures.

Plunger type valves are used to divert high viscosity products, slurries, and polymers. There is no need of dead space valves. The comprehensive design of piston prevents product build up and clogging of the valve.

Techno designs offer specially intended and crafted range of piston diverter valves that can be availed in customized design to match piping layout.

Why you should consider Techno Design Diverter Valves?

There are key points that explain the worth of Techno Design products.

Cost – The price of the diverter valve is the thing that most buyers consider first. Other cost factors include installation, freight, maintenance, and production down time.

System Design – It influences the selection of the diverter valve. Buyers need to consider issues like product size or footprint. Material or air leakage in the diverter will adversely affect the capacity of the system and blower/ line size calculations.

Dense Phase – It is important to determine the design of the diverter. Buyer needs to find whether the system is intended for dilute phase pneumatic conveying or dense phase pneumatic conveying. Manufacturers will pressure rate their specific diverter modal.

Actuators – They can pick the diverters on the basis of manual, air actuated, electric motor actuators or hydraulic actuators.

Safety – Regardless of the valve type, it is necessary to ensure safety features of the valve.

Techno Designs has vivid range of diverter valves. You can pick the one or more for your application as per your desire/need.

You can contact Techno Designs experts and avail best crafted pieces of diverter valves today!

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