Continuous Multi Wheel Classifier

Techno Designs provides Classifiers for the classifying micronized minerals like Kaolin, Rutile, Calcite, Silica, Dolomite, and Zircon Silicate. The Classifiers are either single wheel or multi wheel as on the particle size and quantity output.

Techno Designs provides classifiers that are manufactured in India underneath technical collaboration with M/s. IVA Industrieberatung GmbH, Germany.

Techno Designs has produced classifier up to 7TPH for d97 <10 micron material for zircon silicate it is d90 < 5micron up to 500kg/hr. & d97,44 micron up to 4TPH.

For Rutile d97<8micron up to 1500kg/hr. & for china day up to 2000kg/hr.

The biggest multi wheel classifiers produced by the Techno Designs is 500 dia x 6 wheels meant for separation of the Calcite powder.

The Salient Features are

  • Simple and Robust design
  • Low Space requirement
  • High fines yield with correct top cuts.
  • Easy running gap adjustment.
  • Virtually vibration and Maintains free.

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