How Rotary Airlock Valve is a Beneficiary Product

A type of rotary feeder providing feeding as well as metering functionality is known as rotary airlock valve. The main objective of such a valve is to manage the speed and offering an optimal airlock seal in the form of gravity to pneumatic conveying lines.


Such airlock valves are preferred worldwide in the domains of industry and agriculture. Various Rotary Airlock Valve exporters purchase the valve from manufacturers who are specialized in designing as well as manufacturing the customized rotary airlock on the basis of client’s requirements.

Applications of Rotary Airlock Valve

Certain uses of the rotary airlock valve are:
  • Used in industries where dry-free flowing powder is used
  • Used by industries containing materials such as cement, asphalt, chemical, and plastics
  • Suitable for pollution control applications
  • Seals pressurized systems to protect loss of air or gas while managing a flow of material
  • Ideal for air lock applications varied from gravity discharge of filters
  • Used in pneumatic conveying systems
  • Ideal for dust control equipment
  • Used as volumetric feeders for metering materials

Various Types of Rotary Airlock Valves

The varieties of rotary airlock valves are:
  • Angle of Repose Rotary: Used for bulk material working in synchronization with the natural flow of the material to be fed. It also manages the volume of material flow based on the angle of repose.
  • Rotary airlock feeders: Designed for rugged applications that need an outboard bearing style unit. Such a unit is engineered for the usage in high pressure pneumatic conveying systems. Moreover, the effective seal is needed because of high wear through a simple dust collector.
  • Blow-through rotary airlock feeder: Idea for pneumatic conveying applications in various industries such as chemical, baking, and pharmaceutical. The amazing feature of this valve is to have low profile with large capacity.
  • Easy clean rotary feeder: Proves to be fast and disassembled that is cleaned and maintained in the minimum amount of time. Also, the tools are not used and the service is removed resulting in reduction in downtime and enhancing system production.
  • Filter valve: Serves to be the low-cost solution used for light duty dust collecting applications.
  • Knife rotary feeder: Ideal for discharge of secondary fuel. For example, suitable for plastics or wood. Such a feeder is cutting the oversize material and safeguarding the rotor from blockage.

About the Rotary Airlock Valve exporters

If you are interested in purchasing such a valve, you can hunt online for the rotary airlock valve exporters. You will find ample of them supplying the product. You should go to their website and thoroughly read the customer reviews. Also, you should check the prices offered by various rotary airlock valve exporters. The prices vary from one exporter to another due to competition.

Only after going through the review and feedback you can come to know about the goodwill and the services offered by an exporter. Further, the trustworthy relationship can be built. You will find exporters in almost all parts of the country and satisfying your requirement.

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