Significant Factors to Consider Before Shopping for Diverter Valves

Since the manufacturers are designing distinct range of diverter valves for industrial clients, you find it bit hard to pick the one that suits your requirement. Right valve will keep your operation running smoothly, enhance conveying system’s efficiency, and cut maintenance cost. Let’s talk about the subject in detail.

Factors to consider before buying a diverter valve are as follows-

Application type Most Diverter Valves are also known as two-way diverter valves, transport material from one source to two targets. In few applications, a two-way diverter valve is installed backside in the line to transport material from two sources to single destination. Such valves are known as two-way converge valves.

Conveying system type The diverter valve selection relies on the type of pneumatic conveying system. The system can be either dilute-or dense-phase and operates under vacuum or under pressure. You must check that the selected valve should operate in your conveying phase and at your vacuum or system pressure. You also have to think about pneumatic conveying system’s pressure or capabilities of the vacuum. Along with that, the expected pressure drop across the valve is also important to consider and determine the valve’s maximum and minimum size.

Material characteristics It is also important to note down the material’s characteristics, such as abrasiveness and particle size. This will help in selection of the right diverter valve. Particles that are larger for the valve you choose can become jammed between the internal components of the diverter.

Cost You have to consider the cost of diverter valve. It is not about the price only, but the shipping, installation, and maintenance costs should be in consideration. You can discover these costs and other performance-related costs by inquiring from the users of particular valve in similar application. Apart from two-way diverter valves, manufacturers are also making three and four-way diverter valve assembly as per the requirement of the customer. These customized assemblies tend to be compact, and thus, it becomes easier for experts to install them. The assembly can include connections for electrical power, compressed air, and operator controls.

You should remember that the multiport diverter valve assembly costs more due to its increased installation cost.

If you need extra information on Diverter Valves, you can contact suppliers and manufacturers residing at or nearby your local area.

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