The Industry Of Air Classifier Manufacturers: Going Great Guns

Air classifier is an industrial tool used for separation of different types of raw materials by the combination of size, shape, and density. In last few decades, this technique developed and helped industries to grow and gain specific raw materials for the usage. It increases the productivity when used with grinding machines. It mixes the physics of centrifugal force, gravity force and air drag to separate the dry material. Air classifier manufacturers make the machine to save time and energy of material based industries.


How the Air classifier work:

For dry materials of 100 mesh or smaller, air classifier provide the most efficient way for separating them. It works by putting the material in the chamber and putting an upward air stream which counteracts the gravity and separates the material. The materials are sorted vertically with the air pressure and due to different air drag on size and shape. It manages to separate the material.

Where Air classifiers are used:

Air Classifier Manufacturers deliver and employ this machine to industries where a large amount of mixed material with different physical properties needs to be separated. A very common example should be recycling centers where the byproducts are sent to be recycled for a new life cycle. Air classifiers were introduced in 1927 in their primitive stage, now it is an essential part of the industry for separation purposes.

Types of Air classifiers Manufactured:

Whirlwind Air classifier: It incorporates with self-contained fan and rejecter blade. Its design does not require cyclone or dedicated bughouse for product collection. It collects the 100-400 mesh size materials and requires no process–dust collection.

Whirlwind mobile Air classifier: It efficiently separates fine dust from the product by considering waste material into the specification. It removes the need of water typically used in washing plants, it helps the industry where water is not readily available. The best part of mobile air classifier that it is easily transported with the chassis and confined body.

Side draft Air classifier: It represents the high versatility and energy efficiency while separating the materials ranging from 100-400 mesh size. It is the standard air classifier with cost efficient features. Many industries opt for this type of air classifier for the separation purposes.

Superfine classifier: This type of classifier is used for the highest degree of precision and accuracy in separating materials. It is ideal for 45 microns or small material classification. The amount of accuracy makes it a specialist machine for certain type of separation processes.

Dry materials air classifier manufacturing is in great demand for industrial purposes. Air classifiers made the process of separation and classification of dry materials much easier. The industries like recycling plants, Shape caster and washing plants etc. rely heavily on Air classifiers for separating materials. This market is growing throughout the world. Customers need quality and services of high standards. Air classifiers have many applications and these machines can be tailored for specific roles as well to suit the need of the customer.

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